Astoria Beach Hotel

The restaurant is located on the mezzanine floor and has a fully air-conditioned room with a panoramic terrace overlooking the sea.


Meals are served at the following times:
BREAKFAST - 7.30 / 9.30
LUNCH - 12.30 / 13.30 - DINNER - 19.30 / 20.30

Meals not consumed can be replaced, on request, with travel baskets,
but they are neither refundable nor replaceable with other meals


Breakfast is served buffet style, rich and abundant with homemade desserts, brioches, various types of bread, jams, chocolate and honey, butter, biscuits, yoghurt of various flavors, cereals, fresh milk, fruit juices, cold cuts and fresh cheeses, beverage system for juices and the whole cafeteria (coffee, cappuccinos, milk, hot chocolate, latte macchiato, moccaccino), coffee and cappuccinos made by the bar on request;

Lunch & Dinner

Pranzi e Cene serviti al tavolo, petite entrée, triplo menù a scelta (pesce, carne, vegetariano) con possibilità di piccole variazioni sia per bambini che per esigenze particolari.
In the hotel there is also a GLUTEN FREE corner with all the comforts and separate equipment for those who need it, in addition there is also a microwave oven to heat baby food or bottles.

New Services

Astoria Beach Hotel

With the summer season upon us, we have decided to present four new services designed for a perfect holiday.

Easy Meal

Was the museum so interesting that you were entertained more than expected? Has the historic center captivated you with its monuments and fascinating views of the sea? Have you forgotten to look at your watch while cycling or trekking? For one reason or another you weren't able to plan your meals as you wanted ...NO FEAR, from today Astoria Beach Hotel *** offers you the EASY MEAL service free of charge: who subscribe half board should decide to eat al lunch or dinner.

Paket Lunch

Two sandwiches, half a mineral, a fruit and a dessert: this is what you find inside the PACKET LUNCH! You can order it for lunch or dinner and take it with you at every outing! We offer this service to make you enjoy excursions in the area without worries: enjoying a beautiful sunset on our hills, the undertow of the sea or the shade of a forest with backpacks and boots. Not only that but this service also guarantees you a full meal in the case of a return trip home longer than expected.


Is the sea air too good today to move from the sunbed? Do you want to enjoy some relaxation and silence at sunset by the sea? Would you like to have a pin nic on the beach? Here you are satisfied: da questa stagione offriamo anche il servizio TAKE AWAY! By ordering your lunch (or dinner!) First at reception and agreeing the pick-up time with the staff, you can enjoy a full and hot meal in the context you prefer without having to come to the restaurant! How about? Do you like the idea?


Too tired or too lazy? Romantic evening or want to relax, perhaps with a hot bath? Do you want to cuddle in bed with a personalized breakfast? If you have no intention of leaving your room ... we will bring you food! Our staff guarantees you ROOM SERVICE for both breakfast and lunch and dinner: just a phone call and in no time we will knock on your door. Served and revered as kings and queens… at least for a day with a service that you cannot have at home!

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